Client / Server


IRISSYS® is based upon a classic client/server model. Multiple clients can connect to a server. The database server can be operated independent from the IRISSYS®-application server and supports various database models (e.g. SQL, DB2, Oracle,...).

An establishment of a domain structure is supported by using multiple IRISSYS®-servers

The data in IRISSYS is stored on a separate level in a so-called "generic database". It stores numerous different objects in many different structures. The ability to connect external data sources is another advantage of IRISSYS®, to grant access to existent data sources without duplicating them.


The complex domain model of IRISSYS® allows combining different server types according to the customer’s requirements.

By using of multiple servers, the data stock can be divided into geographical regions or certain company structures or distributing computing load.

On the primary server, a common data stock is created and stored. Common data is forwarded through secondary servers for distributed usage. When common data stock changes, updates and synchronizations between primary and secondary servers are possible.