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Reporting system

We, ERDMANN-Softwaregesellschaft mbH, are an internationally operating company located in the European city of Görlitz. We offer our customers high quality software solutions and services. As part of our identity, we, as a company, always act with integrity and fairness towards employees, customers and business partners, including our suppliers, and handle natural resources with care. All our business activities are strictly aligned with the legal requirements applicable to us and we also demand this from our employees. In order to meet this demand we have established a compliance management system with our code of conduct as a central component.

If you want to report grievances oder suspiciuos facts you can communicate this as follows:

  1. Please send us an email to . Your informations will be used strictly confidential by our compliance team.
  2. Anonymous reporting via our whistleblower system

    Create your report on Your contact details will be managed anonymously by the whistleblower platform Trusty. Trusty is a certificated platform which is compliant to the EU Whistleblower Protection Directive (2019/1937).