Code of Conduct of ERDMANN-Softwaregesellschaft mbH

Status: 02/2022


We, ERDMANN-Softwaregesellschaft mbH, are an internationally operating company located in the European city of Görlitz. We offer our customers high quality software solutions and services. As part of our self-image, we, as a company, always act with integrity and fairness towards employees, customers and business partners, including our suppliers, and handle natural resources with care. All our business activities are strictly aligned with the legal
requirements applicable to us and we also demand this from our employees. The binding rules summarised in this Code of Conduct must be followed by every employee of our company, including the management. This Code of Conduct supplements our internal corporate policies and processes as well as the applicable employment and service agreements.

I. Acting in accordance with the law

We strictly comply with applicable regulations and laws when carrying out our business activities. If we make contractual commitments to business partners to comply with certain principles of conduct, we will inform our employees about these commitments and require them to comply. We also expect the same from our suppliers. ERDMANN-Softwaregesellschaft mbH is thus careful in selecting suppliers in accordance with the due diligence principle. In the selection process, we do not only take into account compliance with the regulations and laws applicable to their activities, but also apply principles of conduct laid down here. Such additional criteria
  • Quality of the delivered goods and services
  • Readiness / ability to deliver and adherence to delivery dates
  • Continuity of business operations
  • Flexibility and transparency
  • Sustainability and handling of natural resources
  • Social fairness

II. Data Privacy

As an IT service provider, ERDMANN-Softwaregesellschaft mbH is aware of the essential importance of protecting personal data. On the one hand, personal data represents an important economic resource, and on the other hand, it forms the core of informational selfdetermination. In the knowledge of this, we implement all the requirements of the applicable data protection regulations and, in particular, the strict requirements of the European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) both within our company and in the context of our relationship
with customers and business partners. It is prohibited to process personal data in an unauthorised or unlawful manner, or to intentionally or unintentionally violate the security of the processing in a way that leads to destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorised disclosure or unauthorised access. This obligation to data secrecy continues to exist following termination of the employment relationship with ERDMANN-Softwaregesellschaft mbH. Data subjects, customers, business partners and employees can contact our data protection officer with any
questions or complaints in connection with the processing of personal data. You can reach our data protection officer at or our postal address by adding "The Data Protection Officer".

III. IT security

The security of information technology systems is a top priority for ERDMANNSoftwaregesellschaft mbH. Any interference with our information technology systems and those entrusted to us by our customers can have serious consequences, such as the loss or theft of data requiring special protection, the infringement of intellectual property or the negative impact on important work processes. The same applies to technical malfunctions. We therefore take all necessary measures to maintain the confidentiality, integrity and availability of our information technology systems and those entrusted or contracted to us. All employees are also obliged to comply with the internal company guidelines on information security that apply to them, such as the IT security guidelines, the IT security policies, and the IT security concept. Employees can contact their supervisor or the appointed information security officer with any questions regarding IT security. You can reach our information security officer at or our postal address by adding "The Information Security Officer".

IV. Confidential information

The protection of confidential information entrusted to us by our customers and business partners, such as know-how, concepts, project details and descriptions, is essential for us. For this reason, ERDMANN-Softwaregesellschaft mbH ensures that all employees who come into contact with confidential information are bound to secrecy. We also ensure that this information is only made available to those employees who need the information to fulfil the respective contract and their specifically assigned task. The obligation of employees to maintain confidentiality also applies to the confidential information of ERDMANN-Softwaregesellschaft
mbH, in particular business secrets and know-how. Employees are also prohibited from using the confidential information of third parties that has not been obtained lawfully. In cases of doubt, employees are obliged to inform their supervisor or the information security officer.

V. Intellectual property

ERDMANN-Softwaregesellschaft mbH recognises the intellectual property of its customers and business partners. We respect their industrial property rights, copyrighted services and trade secrets, just as we protect our own intellectual property. All employees are prohibited from infringing on the intellectual property of others or our own. All employees are therefore obliged, in particular, to observe existing licence conditions. If they have any questions or are in doubt, employees must immediately contact their supervisor or the information security officer.

VI. Prevention of corruption and free competition

We comply with the legal requirements to ensure fair competition, we do not obtain any unfair advantages over competitors and do not enter into any inadmissible agreements with competitors, particularly in the run-up to tenders. In particular, all employees are prohibited from conducting business on behalf of ERDMANN-Softwaregesellschaft mbH
  • on the basis of non-objective criteria,
  • with persons acting illegally or 
  • in violation of applicable legal regulations.

Any form of bribery or corruptibility, especially if it is done to obtain an advantage for oneself or a third party, is strictly prohibited for all employees. This also applies to the acceptance or granting of gifts or other benefits and to the issuing or acceptance of invitations, insofar as the aforementioned circumstances exceed the usual and appropriate scope. The granting of advantages of any kind to public officials or other persons with special obligations for public service is prohibited, regardless of their value. If an employee is uncertain as to whether a
benefit is permissible, he or she must immediately contact his or her supervisor or the management before granting or accepting the benefit.

VII. Conflicts of interest and ancillary activities

All employees are obliged to identify and rule out any form of conflict of interest at an early stage. Conflicts of interest can arise at various points, e.g., if private and official interests conflict in a business decision. Employees who identify a conflict of interest in connection with a business decision must report this conflict of interest to the management without delay. The management will then make a decision, excluding the employee concerned, in accordance with the relevant internal company rules of responsibility, usually at least on the basis of the foureyes principle. In particular, employees are also prohibited from working for companies in addition to their activities for ERDMANN-Softwaregesellschaft mbH or from running a company that competes with ERDMANN-Softwaregesellschaft mbH. The same applies to working for a company with which ERDMANN-Softwaregesellschaft mbH has a business relationship.If an immediate relative of an employee is affected by the described regulations regarding conflicts of interest and secondary employment, the employee must inform the management.
Based on the assessment of possible effects on the business process or project, the management will make a decision on how to prevent the conflict of interest. Further regulations regarding the taking up of secondary employment can be found in the employment and service contracts.

VIII. Bookkeeping and preparation of financial statements

ERDMANN-Softwaregesellschaft mbH observes all legal requirements for proper accounting and financial reporting.

IX. Compliance with this Code of Conduct

As part of the compliance management system of ERDMANN-Softwaregesellschaft mbH, this Code of Conduct must be observed by all employees, including the management. ERDMANNSoftwaregesellschaft mbH takes all organisational measures necessary to comply with the obligations set forth in this Code. An essential measure for monitoring and reviewing the effectiveness of the compliance management system is the appointment of a compliance team, so that measures and decisions are carried out or made at least in accordance with the four-eyes principle.