The IRISSYS®-WebEdition combines the functions of the Desktop Software with the benefits of a Web Application. Standard web technologies are used to achieve this. The IRISSYS®-WebEdition runs directly in the web browser and offers a simplified user interface which orientates at up-to-date and widely-used easy access operating concepts.

The benefits include:


No installation of IRISSYS® components at the client is required.

The application is very easy to access, especially for inexperienced or occasional users.

Easy access to analysis functionalities.

The software can be used in regionally branched networks / stations even in case of low-speed internet connections. All calculations are carried out exclusively at the server.



The IRISSYS®-WebEdition provides almost all functionalities of the DALY Desktop application (e.g.: Single Sign On, Dashboard / Desktop,…). All stored analyses of the Desktop Application can be used in the IRISSYS®-WebEdition without any modifications. The general look & feel orientates at up-to-date web applications with standardised actions (e.g.: tabs) and can be used intuitionally.