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Maintenance Optimisation



Infrastructure could be named as basic resource of railway companies. This resource is a complex system of highly-developed elements including permanent way, substructure, catenary wires etc. The condition of this complex technical system is altered continuously and has to be maintained. A holistic approach is needed to fulfil the requirements of safety, reliability and maintainability for that complex system.

Planned Preventive Maintenance Strategy


The scheduled preventive maintenance targets an optimum asset condition in the long run. The executed preventive measures lead to minimum total costs and long life cycles. The job is to determine when to do what – defining dates and types of measurement tasks.

An integrated condition determination leads to a considerably improvement of the planning from maintenance actions. Also subjective factors in the analysis of assets and planning of the reconditioning work type and date can be reduced or excluded. Because work type and date are the key for an economic company-wide maintenance

IRISSYS®-functionalities in the field of maintenance enables a simple, reliable and software supported planning of reconditioning actions. These are in close contact of the analysis of condition data and can be executed network-wide. IRISSYS® contains open and standardized interfaces for connection of third-party software for detailed resource- and project planning.