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The analysis of data is an essential task for maintenance. It is the basis for a condition based preventive maintenance strategy. With this approach the life-cycle costs are optimised and the infrastructure is maintained in a best possible way.

IRISSYS® combines demonstrative graphics for data evaluation with a high level of usability, intuitive handling and flexibility.

The whole range of IRISSYS® functions were designed to the extend that all methods, calculations and displays can be flexibly set up and applied according to the demands of the customer without any programming effort of the software itself.

Access is controlled through the extensive IRISSYS® access management and complex customer and company hierarchies can be mapped in the system.

In addition to professional evaluation of particular condition data (e.g. only track geometry), data of different track elements (e.g. track geometry and catenary) can also be viewed simultaneously. This approach is called “Integrated analysis" and is the fundamental philosophy in IRISSYS®.

Aim of this approach is to determine relations between different types of assets and display the reason for an occurred problem.