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State-of-the-art inspection systems create a high and diversified amount of data. That is the reason for a central challenge in the data processing. All data from the infrastructure must be mapped in a database system to ensure a fast and reliable determination.

To avoid an increasing time effort and costs for program modification, a high flexibility against updates and changes of the data structure is required.

The IRISSYS® inspection management system offers well-engineered solutions for the challenges of the inspection process.

Data Import
 Data Allocation

Positionierung 1 xs


Qualität 1 xs

The enlarging variety of manual and automatic measurements of infrastructure parameters and the big amount of asset data needs to be imported into the IRISSYS® database system. This process is supported by the universal adjustable import interface .Based on this flexible approach all available data formats can be processed, e.g. ASCII-files, XML-files, relational databases and streams. It understands a large number of data formats e.g. ASCII-files, XML-files, relational databases and streams

This interface can be customized without programming effort to be suitable for all input formats.


The most important basic requirement for correct analyses and views is the exact positioning of data in the database. This is ensured by the multi-level positioning system.

The position of infrastructure data is determined via GPS-coordinates, real names (string identifiers) and correlation with existing reference data.

For an exact automatic allocation of measurement data in IRISSYS® a correlation function is provided. The new data is compared with the old stored data and the new data is shifted to the place with the best correlation then.


The data quality of the import data is a key for the subsequent analysis.

IRISSYS® examines the data of consistence, coverage a valid value range.

Thus the customer has a tool for checking and ensuring the data quality and integrity in the maintenance process

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Positionierung 2 xs


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