comprehensive solutions


The IRISSYS®-software family consits of:


 DALY (Data Analysis)


DALY is dedicated to data evaluation and presentation. It provides a great choice of settings, selections and output options. System wide, area wide and individual configurations, algorithms and filters can be used for evaluation of data. They can be displayed as diagrams, maps or reports.

Furthermore DALY is dedicated for manual input of data into the system.


 UDX (Universal Data Exchange)


The application UDX includes interface designer, import modules, edit tools, and export modules. UDX is a universal interface by which data can be imported or exported in any required format without any program changes necessary.


 OM (Object Manager)


The application OM  is dedicated to the administration of configurational objects, e.g. data types and measurement units. New objects can be created, existing ones can be modified or deleted. Additionally, functions (analysis methods and algorithms, VPI), reports (logs, printouts) and data windows are administered here.


 DM (Domain Manager)


The Application DM is dedicated to administer the complete system, the domain and the data stock. This program enables building and configuring the IRISSYS® - database systems and connection of external databases to them. By this program you also perform routine data maintenance tasks, such as copying, moving, deleting and backup of data.


 IRISSYS®-WebEdition / MobileEdition


The IRISSYS®-WebEdition combines the functions of the Desktop Software with the benefits of a Web Application. Standard web technologies are used to achieve this. The IRISSYS®-WebEdition runs directly in the web browser and offers a simplified user interface which orientates at up-to-date and widely-used Easy Access operating concepts. The IRISSYS®-MobileEdition is specially designed for handheld devices with gesture oriented input and more simplified interactions.