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The Integrated Inspection System (IIS) is a database system for management, analysis and evaluation of asset and inspection data of the permanent way for the Deutsche Bahn AG. The permanent way consists for example of track, catenary, switches and signalling.

Within the Deutsche Bahn AG many different heterogeneous data (asset and inspection data) of the permanent way is gained. Master data is collected from third party databases, condition data is collected from inspection devices (e.g. measuring trains) and several information are stored via manual input in the system.

Aim of the IIS is an integrated evaluation of all available data. Through displaying all data in a mutually context, the end-user is supported in the determination process an in planning of maintenance tasks.

The IIS is designed to process different kind of data and to grow with the usage of it. During the growth-process not necessarily a software programming effort is needed.

The system is based on an object oriented database system (ObjectStore) and supports a distributed data stock on multiple database servers. The IIS-clients uses the data which is provided from the IIS-servers within the IT-infrastructure from the Deutsche Bahn AG.

The IIS was developed and introduced 1994 through the ERDMANN-Softwaregesellschaft mbH by order of the Deutsche Bahn AG. Since then five to six employees from ERDMANN-Softwaregesellschaft mbH are working constantly at the system for further developments.