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IRISSYS® stands for: "International Railway Inspection and Services System" and provides a software family as platform for an integrated maintenance management. IRISSYS® was firstly used in 1998 as standard software and convinced till today as individual flexible solution in the field of maintenance management in the international market

The provided functions covering all aspects of the maintenance starting with the inspection to the analysis till the reconditioning. For optimising the maintenance process trend-analyses as well as predictive functions for the infrastructure are provided.

IRISSYS® is independent from a used inspection device and supports the processing of inspection data, e.g. with automatic correlation algorithms for the allocation or quality checks of the source data.


Through determing all different available information sources IRISSYS® supports the detection of weak points and displays the reasons instead of only recognize the symptoms.

In the field of recondition planning IRISSYS® can assist in choosing a suitable maintenance location and time for a certain working action. A track related work plan can be calculated automatically and shared with an external ERP-system for a detailed resource planning.

For all processes of the maintenance IRISSYS® is designed to be quick and flexible configurable for the real conditions of the customer and at the same time suitable for the special restrictions of the permanent way maintenance. Therefore IRISSYS® is basis for a modern condition-based maintenance strategy.